Top Carp and Barbel Fishing in Spain

F A T is a new, young & yet highly experienced Carp and Barbel fishing
tour company whose working knowledge & successes in the secluded
Extremadura province of Spain means that we can now offer anglers,
whether experienced or not, the opportunity to find the best fishing in Spain.

The expertise we have shown in both Carp and Barbel Fishing in Spain,
coupled with subsequent negotiations now means we are in the position of
offering to anglers from around the globe guided tours & insider knowledge
on how to fish the hot spots we have painstakingly researched.

FAT will guide you throughout as you journey around the mythical
Extremadura Guadiana River in Spain, with its many lagoons and diverse
river branches containing wild species such as Carp, Comizo Barbel, Chubb
and Pike. It is the fifth largest river in Spain. Mans influence has also meant
that it houses many reservoirs thus increasing the varying types of fishing
that anglers appreciate.

Lurking in the depths of this vast expanses of water lay some of the hardest fighting BARBEL found in EUROPE &
fishing these venues for CARP is one of the most unforgettable days out an angler will ever have. As an added bonus
the whole experience is enhanced with panoramic views , sights, smells & sounds of a natural area of Spain that is
breathtakingly beautiful. Check out the Carp and Barbel we have caught on our Gallery page.

Along with the best set ups on the bank we also have three new Bungalows with Bar and Restaurant just 60 seconds from the banks of the great Orellana. Here you can relax and take in the breath taking views and wildlife which surround you. This overall will enhance your Carp and Barbel fishing experience.

Regardless of your background FAT will provide variety and a challenge to catch some truly stunning Carp and Barbel
fish. You will probably never catch more spectacular or bigger fish! So for the best Carp Fishing in Spain and best Barbel Fishing in spain check out our Spanish fishing packages and give us a call now.

As you can see we have worked hard to offer you the best package available at the best all round price. (to see pricing
see packages section). So please book with us for the best Spanish fishing holiday ever.

We are also sponsors of Stoney and Friends who are a charity organisation raising money for the Macmillan Cancer

Support. For every Carp or Barbel package booked £30 pounds is donated to Stoney and Friends.

Fat Angling Tours will also be using only the best fishing equipment available from JRC and WYCHWOOD who are proud sponsors of the Spanish national team and Fat Angling Tours.

We will also be sponsored for bait by RICHWORTH some of the best readily available bait on the market. So as you can see we not only catch the best but are backed by the best.